Frequently Asked Questions

Compiling AugTerm Running AugTerm

Compiling AugTerm

Why can't I compile AugTerm?
Make sure you have JDK1.5.x or newer.

Running AugTerm

What are the minimum requirements needed to run AugTerm?
You must use JDK1.5.x or newer.
How do I run AugTerm?

On a Windows machine, you can just double-click on the jar file and it will run automatically. On Linux, do the following at a command prompt:

java -jar augterm.jar
How come I can't connect to the Augment system?
AugTerm needs to open a socket connection to port 23 on the backend Augment system. Your network should be set up to use TCP/IP in order to reach the system. Also, make sure you don't have a firewall that is blocking outgoing connections to port 23.