The current version is 0.21.

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AugTerm 0.21 (runnable) augterm-0.21.tar.gz
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Subversion is a way of storing and tracking changes in the code between releases. The AugTerm source is kept in Subversion. Because this is the central location for all AugTerm development, it always has the latest code and bug fixes. However, this means it also has the latest bugs.

We encourage you to use the releases as much as possible. You can obtain the AugTerm source from anonymous Subversion, but doing so puts unnecessary load on the Subversion servers. The code in Subversion is never guaranteed to work correctly, and if something is obviously broken you should not complain about it, this only slows the development process. However, if you desire to hack on the AugTerm source, you should use Subversion.

Here's step-by-step instructions for how to check out and build AugTerm from Subversion. Before you begin, make sure you have JDK-1.5.0 and ant-1.6.5 installed.

Step 1. Check out the source

Run the following commands in a directory that you have write access to (such as your home directory):

svn co

You should see it listing all the source files.

Step 2. Build AugTerm

Once you've checked AugTerm out of Subversion, run the follwing commands:

cd augterm

If you see any errors here, you haven't installed everything you need.

Step 3. Update AugTerm

When there are changes to AugTerm's code, you'll want to update your local copy. You don't have to remove the entire directory that you checked out and redo the whole thing; instead, from inside the directory, run:

svn update

The update will merge all the changes into the current files, and then ant will rebuild AugTerm.

And that should be everything.

Subversion Commits Mailing List

We are planning on having a mailing list set up that will notify you when new commits are made. Not implemented yet.